The basics:

When you arrive at the shop you will walk through the gate on the right side of the building. That will bring you to the River Bar. There your group will fill out waivers and make payments. Next we will offer an introduction to kayaking on the Milwaukee River. We will give you a description of the pick up point. We are usually there waiting for your arrival. (If not we are on our way!) Once your group arrives we will shuttle you and the equipment back to the shop for more fun summer activities!

How long?

Quass Run Kayak- 1 hour and 30 minutes
Tube- 2 Hours

Is there an age limit for kids?

Depends on the childs experience and comfort level. On average a good age to start is 10. We offer tandem kayaks for children to go with an adult or we can attach a kid kayak to an adults kayak.

What types of kayaks?

Tandems Weight capacity - 550 lbs
Viper – 10 feet weight capacity - 300 lbs
Sun Dolphin – 8 feet Weight Capacity 300 lbs

How many miles is Quass Run?

3.5 miles

Where does Quass Run end?

The route ends at Quass Creek. This is behind the piggly wiggly on hwy 33, on the edge of Gohnring park.

Any rapids?

The river is fairly mild. There are a couple fast moving turns in the first half hour when the water is high. The river is usually a calm experience.

Will a small cooler or back pack fit?


Should I wear shoes?

It is suggested to protect your precious toes at all costs.

Does a guide go with?

On certain occasions or circumstances we will send a guide with the group at no extra charge. You may request a guide ahead of time.

Do I have to make a reservation?

Yes. We suggest calling at least 1 day ahead.

What is all provided with the service?

A kayak, paddle, life jacket, and a shuttle ride back to the shop.

What if it rains?

You may reschedule another day or receive a refund no questions asked. We will let you go out in mild rain.
Any lightning or thunder and trips are off the table.

What if I fall out?

We suggest that all guests wear their life jacket during their trip. If you do fall out of your kayak do not panic. Stay calm, put your feet up and swim with the current DO NOT fight against the current to get to shore. Once you reach a shallow location you can stand and readjust. YOUR SAFETY IS our priority. Do not worry about the equipment. Take care of yourself and get to the shore or to shallow water first.

Renting a Kayak

After signing paperwork, you are allowed to take these kayaks on any water way in the state. They are responsible for the tranportation and of course safe return of the property. Also, paddle and life jacket are provided with the kayak rental.